Ace Riverside

Ms. Jailakshmi Advani

Ms. Jailakshmi Advani

We had a good visit to Ace Riverside.

Well located, just off the Highway and spacious. The surroundings were very attractive the rest of the plot was being Landscaped, what has already been done was Good, would like to visit again and see the area after the whole landscaping is done.

The location is interesting with a village nearby and the entertainment park coming up nearby, also quite close to our project.

I see our project and the whole area where it is located growing and appreciating in value over a few years time. Perhaps even by the time this project is completed.

Thanks Matin for taking us there and showing us around.

Mr. Gul Advani (father of Ms.Jailakshmi Advani)
Name Condo # Country Date
Mr. Gul Advani A-703 India 27th December, 2012
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