Ace Riverside

Mr. Shrenik Sheth

Mr. Shrenik Sheth

We have booked nine units, ours and friends, in Ace-Riverside and I have visited the site a number of times.

My impressions:

Location: First and foremost, the site is beautiful, with a lot of greenery all around. The access is by a very nicely built highway all the way up to the site, and then a promised internal cement road of about 1,000 ft to the tower complex. It is 15-17 kms away from the heart of the city, true; but looking at the fast development of Rajkot, especially on this Rajkot-Jamnagar road, it would take only a few years to fuse with Rajkot. We are presently ahead of the curve, good for the future. Public transportation is almost nonexistent, but with the promoter’s plans to arrange pick up and drop off facility from the railway station and airport, and their plans to keep vehicles for hire ready, this problem is well addressed. I am counting on the promoter’s assurance that no high rise will be allowed to come up in the estate, hindering the view of the river from the towers, in the future. The towers are far enough from the highway to keep them free of noise and air pollution.

Landscaping: I was pleased with the promoter’s precedence for this aspect of the site development, often neglected in India. There is a lovely landscaping as you enter the estate, outside and inside, which adds a great deal to the ambience. There is evidence that internal estate roads are getting developed nicely too. The illuminating of the internal roads will add a nice touch. I understand that they plan to landscape the tower complex equally beautifully also.

Water: This may be a big problem in the future in Rajkot, Gujarat and India as a whole. I understand that they have two wells to draw water from. Being in close proximity of Nyari – 2 dam, water is available in abundance presently and expected to be so in future. I am sincerely hoping this to come true.

Building Quality And Schedule: So far, six slabs are laid for each tower, the masonry work is in progress. The building materials quality, as far as I can tell, is excellent, no cutting corners. The workmanship is also very satisfactory. I had long talks with one of the esteemed partners twice and I am fully satisfied with their approach to the materials to be used. It will be value for the money. I have no fear on this part. This trust is the main reason for us participating in this project. They seem to be well within their promised schedule. There were 130 people working on the site presently.

Security: I understand that there will be professional security as well as state of the art electronics security. A space is already dedicated… good. It is an important aspect of the development.

Payment Schedule: Down payment of about 20 % and payment of about 10 % every quarter, makes it easy to time and all payments accepted by checks and no cash, is morally right and in the true direction. The maintenance deposit of Rs. Five Lacs, and One Lac for the club-house, is steep at the moment, but it is agreeable, because a hassle free and clean and well maintained asset adds value to the property and pleasure to its residents.

Promoters: I live in Rajkot for a long time and I know, from different sources that the promoters have an impeccable standing for their integrity. And they are not executing this project for the sole purpose of making profit. This sets them apart from the other developers. They can be trusted totally and it is a big compliment to them, a relief for the buyer.

Contact: Mr. Matin Babi, who is assigned to be the main contact for this project is a right choice, and he is performing his task with utmost sincerity and dedication. I welcome the idea that after the completion of the project, he would be looking after the maintenance.

Suggestions; I have already suggested that if possible, a managerial couple should be hired to live in the tower complex permanently, to administer daily chores of the staff and security. I understand that it is accepted and will be implemented. The promoters seem to be sincere and open to suggestions to improve the quality of life of the residents.

Mr. Niranjanbhai Sheth (father of Mr. Shrenik Sheth)
Name Condo # Country Date
Mr. Niranjanbhai Sheth B-1001 to B-1004 India 31th December, 2012
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