Ace Riverside

Dr. Rutkumar Jani

 The recent stay at Rajkot was great !!
Your crew at Ace Riverside is great, especially Dahyabhai the young gentleman who was taking care of our needs. The entire staff was very polite and smiling. The property is also kept in excellent condition.
The theater is also a great place for entertainment. I will not forget the fantastic time we all brothers had watching the cricket match. The sound system and the quality of projection was as good as(if not better) than any American theater.
It was nice to see Vikram and Sanjay for a brief time to catch up.
All in all you all are doing a great job keeping our property in great maintainence. Keep it up

Dr. Rutkumar Jani
Name Condo # Country Date
Dr. Rutkumar Jani B-502 USA   26th February, 2017
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