Ace Riverside

Mr. Shanti Dalsania

Mr. Shanti Dalsania

It has been great excitement and pleasure to visit Ace-Riverside in November,2013. First of all it is away from city’s traffic jam, overcrowd and pollution. Ace-Riverside is not situated in the jungle of apartment complex standing too closely to each other. Since it is situated nearby Nayari river it will enhance the Ace-riverside’s beauty and it will be beautiful sight to enjoy. Since it is located right on major highway it has easy access for going in and out. Ace-Riverside has all the amenities for comfort and pleasure. It has swimming pool, health and fitness, walkways and party hall to celebrate the joyful occasion. It has carefully planted trees, colorful plants and flowers. It has meticulously designed the garden. It will be a very beautiful green garden. Moreover Ace-riverside has offered many services like travel, health and other. Most important if you are away even for a long period of time and when you come back you don’t have to clean up pile of dust and dirt. Since its maintenance will be done by the Ace-Riverside, your residence will be neat and clean even in your absent.

We are pleased to know that the construction will be completed as per the schedule time frame. We have very high hope that Ace-Riverside that will be truly vacation home and I have confidence and trust that Ace-Riverside will be truly vacation home and worth of our investment.

Thank you Sanjay for taking us to Ace-riverside tour and thank you Mr.Matin for excellent hospitality.

Mr. Shanti Dalsania
Name Condo # Country Date
Mr. Shanti Dalsania A-604 & A-502 USA 13th February, 2013
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