Ace Riverside

Mr. Yashwant Shah

Mr. Yashwant Shah

I have booked flat no. 904 and I visited the site for the first time, on 21-12-2013 with Sri Niranjanbhai Sheth, who booked my flat for me, and a friend from Los Angeles.

I fond the location excellent, with greenery all around. It is easily accessible from Rajkot. We visited the sample flat and was very much impressed and delighted with the detailing and finish. I am hoping that all the flats that have taken the furniture option like me, will be furnished the same decent way. The kitchen was equipped with latest gadgets and the rest of the furniture reflected the selector’s excellent choice.

The environment was clean and peaceful. I think that it is a very nice place to live in Rajkot. I think that our decision to buy this flat is very appropriate..

Mr. Yashwant Shah
Name Condo # Country Date
Mr. Yashwant Shah B-904 USA 21st December, 2013
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