Ace Riverside

Mrs. Hema Mehta

Mrs. Hema Mehta

At the outset Hema, I and Sweta express our sincere thanks for your co.operation to visit Ace-Riverside site at Taragadi quite early. We must thank you for all your time spent with us and for your patience in answering our various queries. Your office have always supported us well.

We were pleased to see a lot of progress that has taken place between our visits. We climbed up to the 8th floor via the staircase; the steps are of comfortable height and each flight of steps has a longer landing. Hence the climb was not so difficult for senior citizens like us.

The site has its own serenity and the view of green surroundings, Nyari River and Nyari Dam from the condos is superb which has more than met our expectations !

With many thanks and our best regards,

Mr. Apurva Mehta (husband of Mrs. Hema Mehta)
Name Condo # Country Date
Mrs. Hema Mehta B-401, B-402 & A-801 India 7th May, 2014
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